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ACC Roundup

Barry Jacobs has a column about the new talent in the ACC and how it is
distributed and the new problems in
identifying and gaining same.
As most Jacob columns are it's well
reasoned and presented. Some of the problems of gaining talent put UVa in
a bind with the NCAA recently, and the
criticism of Mr. Jefferson's University is beginning.

Over in Chapel Hill,
UNC kids are seeing themselves as the favorites. We do, too. There are some hilarious
on the new unis here, too. They'll be going back
to the traps
, as Gut has been saying all summer, We expected Cota to
woof back at Jason Williams, but so far, Cota
seems to have held his tongue.
And Lenox Rawlings has
a review of UNC's recent athletic woes.
And up at St. Mary's, while
Othell Wilson awaits trial, and hard time if convicted of the multitude of
charges he faces (in a nutshell - allegedly kidnapping and having his way with a
young woman), the
school has hired an interim coach.