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Unis, More Madness, & Matt Doherty

Here's an article from Inside Carolina about UNC's
start of practice,
including a picture of Ed Cota in the new uniform, and we
will say it doesn't look as bad on a player as it does by itself. That said, the
words North Carolina mean something, and it's foolish to take it off the
ACC Today has a conference roundup
of the beginning of the last college
games to start with 19 for a long, long time.  

In one other bit of news, Matt Doherty, who is now
in charge at Notre Dame,
is starting his first season.
Doherty is something of a rarity in that he is
a head coach who was NOT a guard.  There aren't many - John Thompson, of
course,  Jan Van Breda Koff, if we can spell it correctly, but for whatever
reason, most coaches were not frontcourt players.  We expect Doherty will
do a brilliant job
, and will shortly move into consideration for the UNC job,
whenever it is open.

And speaking of UNC, Guthridge is trying to restart the traditional pressure
defense, but
he has some big issues
- Curry is out for the year, Haywood, is still
recovering from his thumb surgery, Bersticker has  broken foot, and Lang
was in the hospital recently due to a virus.  So getting enough players to
teach it is problem right now.