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National Madness

Allen Allenspach has seen the future, and he's
not too happy about it.
In Raleigh, Herb Sendek has the depth, the
talent, and a new arena. Can
he break through?

UVa had a different reaction to
their expected resurrection.
Up in College Park, Maryland may have a
different lineup than expected - at least if Mike Mardesich has his way, as he's
convinced he should be starting.
Also, Lonnie Baxter has been in the
weight room, and is now much more powerful than he used to be.

Kentucky, having grown bored with fighting Duke for the Team of The Decade,
has declared themselves
Team Of The Century
. This also allows them to overlook the fact that
UCLA has 10 titles, UNC is neck and neck with wins, and the fact that the game
was born and nurtured by James Naismith, who started the tradition at
Kansas. It also overlooks the equally high level of passion at Indiana,
which has won five titles, and we can't remember any problems ever happening

It also allows them to ignore their rather dismal NCAA rap sheet compared to
these other programs. Kansas had a relatively minor issue with Larry Brown, and
UNC had a criminal problem with gambling, but that's about it. So here's
to the Team of the Century. Two months left, then we can start arguing over the
team of NEXT century. Smart money is on MSU to take the early lead. Here's
a UK Madness article
- no, no the asylums, the basketball team. On a sad
note, yesterday would have been John Stewart's birthday. You will remember that
he announced for UK and then died shortly thereafter. It was a tough day
yesterday in the Stewart house, and our hearts go out to them.

On a happier note, up at Seton Haul, Tommy Amaker is settling in with
this year's team and says while next year should be fun, as far as he's
concerned, the Future
Is Now.