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Omar Likes The New Unis, Leaning To UNC

Cook likes the new unis
and says he's leaning towards UNC, according to the
N&O. He says he needs to make sure that's the right thing to do still.
Go Heels has
an update also
. Could those hated uniforms actually be an advantage?

Here's a quick update on Tony
as well, giving Clemson one
of their best classes
in a while. Here's
more on Stockman
, from Thad "The Mummy" Mumau, with a brief
mention of Neil Fingleton.

Also, Bobby Cremins has secured the services of 6'6" Oak
Ridge Boy
Halston Lane, according to Quotin' Bob Gibbons. Bob say Cremins
watched him "shoot the lights out" and that he's a "textbook pure
shooter." With zen-like restraint, Bob resists the enticing italics and
also almost totally foregoes bolds. Shazam! In other Bob news, UK
fans will doubtless pack it
into the Luke Ridnour chat tonight.