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T.J. In L.A.

Here's an update from Frank Burlison, the most passionate West Coast hoops
writer we know of, and a guy who has a quiet writing style but whose personality
nonetheless creeps in with some hilariously subtle humor from time to time.

Today among other updates he tells us that T.J.
Cummings is about to take his UCLA visit
and that DeShawn Stevenson and
Travon Bryant will take in Midnight Madness with Roy Williams and his merry

Garner Meads, the best big man in the West in a lot of people's eyes, is
about to visit Stanford. You know how BYU used to be this Mountain Time
Zone powerhouse? A big part of the reason they're not anymore is Utah, of
course, but a big part also is Stanford, as they've plucked a number of
players who might have gone to BYU over the last several years, and have signed
several Mormons.