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Curry - It's six Months

Ron Curry, who blew out his Achilles tendon versus Georgia Tech, is looking
at a six month rehab period.
That puts him back at roughly April 10th
- meaning that he'll absolutely redshirt for the basketball season. A more
interesting question, to us, is how UNC adjusts to his hardwood absence (the
football team will probably play about the same without him as they did
with him - poorly). The perimeter corps without Curry consists of
Cota, a reticent defender at best, Brooker, who is incapable of serious defense,
freshmen Forte and Holmes, Terrence Newby and Max Owens. None of the returning
players have distinguished themselves defensively. Holmes will likely not
be ready to be a stopper, unless he develops a Wojo like aggressiveness.
Forte is valued primarily because of his offensive skills. Not to knock his
defense - we honestly don't know - but that's not what he's lauded for.
Can UNC actually make the oft-discussed return to pressure D? Maybe. But
Curry is their best outside defender, and it's not even close.