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Darius Rice Mystery

more speculation
on the apparently-caused-by-Tubby-rumor about a quiet
commitment to UK. Everyone seems to be putting their money on Darius Rice.
Quotin' Bob Gibbons started
, Kurt O' Neill picked
it up
also, but Ron Briscoe says
it ain't so.
It's a guru contagion!

Briscoe quotes Daddy Rice as saying this: "Darius has not committed to anyone yet. Darius is still planning on taking an official visit to Arkansas next weekend for Midnight Madness, October 15-16. He may visit Auburn the next weekend, October 22-23, but at this time we have not committed to anyone."

But wait - that was on the 9th. On the 10th, he said this to Kentucky Hoops. ''If he is, I don't know anything about

According to Kentucky Hoops, as reported elsewhere, Tubby did tell The Greater Cincinnati UK Alumni Association that
he had one in the truck. First off, that's stupid. Second, is it legal?
It's fairly common practice for coaches to throw tidbits to alums and boosters,
but can he discuss recruiting now?