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Quin Feels the Heat

The University of Missouri is reporting a "possible infraction" of NCAA rules today in the recruitment of Rickey Paulding and Arthur Johnson, Quin Snyder's first two recruits as Mizzou head coach. Apparently, the mothers of each of the players accompanied their sons on a charter flight to and from Mizzou on their official visits. The NCAA, in their minefield of recruiting rules, allows parents to accompany their children on commercial flights (provided the parents pay their own way) but does not allow anyone to accompany the kids on a charter flight. Mizzou likely will declare the recruits ineligible and then seek reinstatement.

To his credit, Quin is taking full responsibility for the mix-up, stating, "Unequivocally I do. I'm the head basketball coach. That's what it means to be the head coach."