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Pay For Play Update!

Avery | Brand
| Ferry | Hill
| Laettner
| Lang | Langdon
| Maggette | McLeod
| Parks

Elton Brand and his brand of the
Bulls welcomed Grant Hill and Christian Laettner
to the United Center last
night, but the Pistons were rude guests and
crushed them thoroughly
. It's not unusual - the Bulls have only won two
games and are threatening
to compile the worst record in the history
in NBA history. Jud
Buechler is amazed at what
has happened to the Bulls.
Here's a thought - at 2-24, the Bulls are only 13 more losses from an exact reversal of Duke's record last year.

In a related note, the conjecture that Grant Hill will sign with the Bulls is
off and running, but
Grant isn't biting
- at least not yet.