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Reader Response!

Re your "Not a Pretty Sight"

I believe your list of leading scorers is not up to date. According to
ESPN (I know they are not perfect but I believe that they are reasonably
current for each of the team sites), Solomon is 21.3, Collier is 19.9,
Morris is 17.6, Dixon is 16.5, Forte is 16.5 and Carrawell is 16.4.

I also take exception to your cut at Steve Blake. Based on my
observations, the concern I would have w/MD, and Blake in particular,
would be their ability to protect the ball and make good decisions. As
a team they have too many turnovers. In my opinion, Blake has more than
adequate "foot speed" and quickness to play the points in the ACC (in my
opinion those qualities are comparable to Saul Smith who you guys like
and who he outplayed) particularly with the shot blockers he has playing
behind him. I am not a MD grad - I delighted when my school, GWU, beat

With regard to your assessment of the ACC, I concur that this is not a
real strong year; however, I believe you and others should not write off UNC (note
- while we have examined their season closely at times, we explicitly did not
write them off and offered the same advice to others - DBR
). I believe that it will be a four team race (Duke, UNC, MD and
Wake) with Georgia Tech much better than they have played to date and a
close 5th place. NCState and UVA don't impress.

Don Weaver