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More On Duhon At Glaxo!

Here are some more photos from Glaxo...just click on the
image to see the full size

Duhon heading by press row! Paying attention on D!

A Break In The Action Oops! We Slipped!

Talking To The Coach Pick! Someone Call The Pick!

Watching & Waiting... Salmen's Opening Ritual

Around They Go.. It was really very cool

Watzone went to see Salmen vs. Rice last night in the Glaxo tourney, and
posted these notes on the board. Thanks Mark!

Chris Duhon's Slidell Salmon is participating in the Glaxo

Holiday Invitational in famed Reynolds Coliseum in Raleigh

this week. His team won its first game and faced former

nationally number one ranked Manhattan Rice tonight. Rice

has several big time prospects--including Andre Barrett,

Seton Hall and Cuffe, who is St. Johns bound. Coach K and and Wojo strolled in and sat on press row to catch Dukes lone signee for 2000. They
naturally caught the crowds attention.

Coach had to wade through autograph hounds and a constant stream of seekers lined up for the living legends signature as the game progressed. I saw a
smattering of fair Duke faces.

Blue Devil Central was represented, as were many of the recruiting types--too numerous to mention. I sat with Herald Sun Duke Beat writer Al Featherson. He will have an in depth
article in the Herald on Chris in the next couple of days. Salmen came out spirited and played the taller, more athletic Rice
even for much of the game. Duhon spurred his team to an early 16-11 lead. Chris nailed three straight three pointers, each one bringing oohs and ahhs from he crowd of about 7500
spectators. He showed tremendous range and a soft touch from the outside. He plays a combo type game for his team--meaning point and shooing guard.

As the game progressed, Rice
took advantage of  size and depth in route to a hard fought 76-68 victory. Rice was led by
Cuffe's 31 points. Barrett who lit it up the previous night, was held to 3 points, but dished out
12 assists. Rice goes onto the Championship game. Chris scored 16 points on 6 of 19 shooting. The official box score listed him at 5 rebounds, 7 assists, 4 steals, 3 tunovers and 1 blocked
shot. These numbers were not completely accurate, as several of us at press row had different stats. Chris once had an outstanding assist--a no-look over the back pass to a slashing
teammate. He showed overall quickness and smarts. He did get a little worn down--as he was guarded by several different players. In my eyes, he had the most potential of any player on
the court. He had at least five assists that teammates muffed. If
anything Chris played too unselfish.

For those wanting to see Duhon and Company--they play at 4:00 Wednesday against DeMatha or unbeaten Raleigh

NOTABLES--Ms. Duhon spoke with Coach K and Wojo...Jason Williams was in
attendance...David Henderson attended the previous evening...five of Slidell's last seven possesions resulted in turnovers...A ref made a questionable travelling call on Chris, at the next timeout-Coach K was seen working the official a litle bit as he hovered near press row--the ref that
made the bogus call stayed clear...UNC recruit Brian Morrison looked good before going down with a sprained ankle. He showed NBA three point range, quickness with the ball-15 pts, 5
assists, 4 rebs, 2 steals, 1 block and two turnovers, is team lost 58-48.


-Have you had a chance to catch any Duke games this year?

CD-Only on TV. I will be attending the Carolina game this year.

-Have you had a chance to talk to the Duke staff while visiting?

CD-Yes Sir! We had a team shoot around in Cameron today, and will have a morning pratice in Durham tomorrow before our game.

-How is your team doing in your conference?

CD-We are playing these games to get ready for our District. Our District is not all that tough, as we should win it...the tournament games really help.

-What do you think of Jason Williams?

CD-He is a great player and I look forward to playing behind him or with him next year.

-Do you see Jason and yourself as inter-changable?

CD-Yes Sir, no doubt! We can both play either position.

-How do you like the Triangle area?

CD-I like it a lot--theres a lot to do.

-Okay, rumors say you are a BBQ fan...have you tried NC style yet?

CD-No, not yet. My Dad does the best BBQ I have ever tried--it'll be hard to top.

-Will your Mom relocate next year to follow you at Duke?

CD-Yes, my Mom will definately be with me She is looking into opportunities here now. She is a big part of my life.

-Have you considered a mojor yet?

CD-Yes, Business Management--Fuqua School of business.

-Do you have anything you want to say to Duke or DBR fans?

CD-It won't be long! I'll be there soon!

Chris was a class act, and is a welcome addition to the Duke family. You can catch Salmen in action a 4:00 Wednesday versus stellar
competition. He called me Sir even after I said he
did not have to. He was well spoken, and an obviously bright and talented young man. He seems to know what he wants and has the desire to achieve his goals. Another source claims he
is a four year guy who looks forward to Senior Day. Duhon and Williams...WOW! Lets go Duke!