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Some Interesting Stats Thus Far

Here are some interesting stats from the first ten games of the season. Standard caveat
- our math is not strong. Having said that, consider the following:

  • Carlos Boozer has hit 37 shots thus far out of a possible 63. 12, or
    almost 33% of them, were dunks.
  • Jason Williams has 53 assists to 49 turnovers.
  • Casey has played in 8 games and has 10 blocks, one every 6.9 minutes. He's
    also fouling at the precise same intervals - eery 6.9 minutes thus far.
  • C-well is hitting .429% from three point range. Battier is second at .404.
    That's not counting Buckner, who has only taken 3 and made 2 for 66%
  • Rebounding - all five starters are averaging at least 5 boards per game,
    meaning the entire starting lineup is getting more boards than UNC's 7'
    Brendan Haywood, with the exception of 6-5 Nate James, who is matching Haywood's 5 per game.
  • The asst/TO ratio isn't that great.  Cwell and Battier are good, at
    36-17 and 17-10 respectively, but Williams is 53-49, James is 21-23, Boozer
    is 22-30, Dunleavy is 12-11,  Horvath is 4-5, Sanders is 1-6, and
    Christensen is 3-2. 
  • As a freshman, Williams is averaging 15.9 ppg, 5.2 rpg, 5.3 apg,
  • In 97 minutes, Christensen has only 2 turnovers.
  • Nate James is the leading offensive rebounder so far with 27. 
    Boozer is coming on with 22.  But per minute it's radically different.
    For James it is one offensive board every 9.96 minutes. For Boozer it is one
    every 8.45, and keep in mind he didn't play much the first few games.
  • Duke has made  196 free throws; their opponents have attempted 172.
  • Throw out Buckner, at .375, and the lowest free throw % is .643 by
  • Williams shoots a 3 every 4.89 minutes
  • Cwell shoots a 3 every  16.4 minutes
  • Battier shoots a 3 every 7.19
  • Dunleavy shoots a 3 every 6.1 minutes
  • Horvath shoots a 3 every 6.3 minutes
  • Boozer, Sanders, and Christensen have shot no 3s at all.
  • Duke is narrowly losing the offensive rebounding battle overall,
    146-140.  But since Duke is holding the opponents to .400 % from the
    floor, they have more chances for offensive rebounds (Duke is shooting