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The Tarnished Twenty, Featuring UNC & UVa

Ok, for those of you who enjoy a little Christmas Schadenfreude, here's a
dose. One of the columns we check in on periodically is the Tarnished Twenty,
and coming in at #5
are the Heels
.  Also
in the Top 20 are the Cavs,
coming in at the final spot, thanks to the
various ripples from the Melvin Whitaker fiasco.  Remarkably, the writer
connects Othell Wilson and Whitaker, though we don't think that's particularly

Minnesota gets
it good, at #1
. We followed the scandal pretty closely, but we missed what
Jan Gangelhoff  said about being bored and writing about things she cared
about - menstruation,  glass ceilings, and eating disorders. It's hilarious