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Next Up - Davidson

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Next up for the Devils - Davidson Tuesday night at 8:00. The days of Davidson being an
absolute patsy are long gone. They typically come in, give Duke a significant
challenge for at least a half, before the talent level becomes too much to
overcome. They are a smart, disciplined and well-coached team, and they usually
make the absolute most out of their talent. They have four starters returing,
having lost only their point guard.

Coming as it does after the A&T game, when Coach K was visibly upset
during the game, and still upset afterwards, over the lack of intensity, it's a
chance for Duke to come out and play with a very high intensity. Our guess - not
that we know but our guess - is that most of the issues which arose during the
A&T game have been addressed fairly insistently since then, and we
anticipate that Duke will come out with an intensity bordering on urgency.

Scalper's report - based on Sunday's game, where sellers were everywhere, we
would expect tickets to be avalable at face value. It was a seller's market
Sunday and will likely be so on Tuesday, but we've been wrong before.

It's listed as a Raycom/JP TV game, but you'll need to check your local