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Sunday At One - The Aggies Of NC A&T

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Next up for the Devils - North Carolina A&T.  Chances
are good Duke will see a familiar system - The Aggies are now coached by Curtis
Hunter, former Tar Heel, and Durham native - so playing Duke will likely be a
high point for him in more ways than one. To add to the Durham connection,
Curtis has brought in Jeremy Ledbetter, who used to play at Mt. Zion.  He
also got Landon Beckwith, from Garner, who is supposed to be a red-hot
shooter.  It'll be interesting to see what he can do with this team.

In many ways, the holiday games are a golden opportunity for
someone to steal one from Duke - the players have been concentrating on exams,
practicing lightly, and not at their sharpest - which is why these games are
scheduled.  If anyone ever was in a position to steal one, this year,
A&T might be the perfect candidate. Yes, they are less talented, but they
will have a strong emotional aspect to this game that Duke will have to match.

Should be a good one, and we think it will be much more
competitive than anyone really expects.

We haven't heard anything about TV, and it's probably not going to be on. If anyone finds otherwise, let us know and we'll zip it right up!