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A Stretch Of Greatness?

Carlos was watching tape and posted the following observations on the
board - this is pretty impressive! Thanks Carlos!

If you want to watch some scintillating play, watch Jason Williams after Michigan ties the score at 52 - 52 in the second half. On consecutive possessions Williams does the following:

  • Assist for a CC three
  • Assist for a Battier dunk on a break
  • Assist to Nate for a layup in the halfcourt offense
  • Turnover
  • Three pointer
  • Assist on a halfcourt bounce pass for a Boozer dunk
  • Low post entry that lead to Battier drawing a foul
  • Drives, miss but battier follows
  • Steal, layup

After all that Duke has a 9 point margin. Again, late in the game when Duke is up 87-80 and Michigan is threatening to make a run Williams goes off:

  • Steal - basket
  • Not involved in play
  • Assist to Boozer for slam
  • Passes to Boozer who fumbles (should have been an assist)
  • Assist - slam for Boozer
  • Assist - slam for Boozer
  • Drive - miss shot
  • Not involved in play
  • Feed to Battier, results in intentional foul

That's 7 assists, 2 passes leading to fouls, 1 pass that should have been converted into an assist, and 7 points against one turnover and 2 missed shots. Two very incredible stretches of basketball.