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Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

Chasin' Jason: 6'2" Williams
Is Out- rebounding 7' Haywood On A Consistent Basis
Willliams Haywood
Michigan 5 Cincy 2
DePaul 9 Buffalo 8
Illinois 7 UNLV 4
USC 2 Charleston 6
Columbia 1 MSU 1
Army 8 Purdue 6
UConn 7 G'town 7
Stanford 10 USC 5

The other day we introduced our Haywood watch. So tonight we cruise over to
and what
do we find but the Brendan Watch?
We're not on a first name basis with the
guy, but just so you know, the Haywood watch preceded the Brendan Watch by two
days. Here's another perspective on it - Jason Williams vs. Haywood. Jason
has grabbed more boards in 5 games. Haywood has grabbed as many as
Williams in 2 games and outboarded him in one. You can argue that the schedules are different, and you can argue various things, but you can't argue the 10 inch height difference.

And anyway, they are different, since ours tracks Brendan's -oops Haywood's -
rebounds vs. rebounding by smaller guys, like Dunleavy, who got 7 today,
or Tony Akins, who got 6.

And it was first.