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VCR Alert!

According to Karl Beem, who posted it on our board, Classic Sports will be running the '86 Duke-Tech ACC Championship game tomorrow at 11 am. Karl says it's the best ACC game he's ever seen which makes us start thinking about the best one's we've ever seen. Subject to massive revision and in no particular order:

  • UNC-Maryland, with Len Bias, in the Dean Dome
  • Duke-Maryland in Durham, Spanarkel's freshman year
  • UNC-State, when Dudley Bradley stripped Clyde Austin at the end for a game
    ending dunk
  • UNC's 8 point comeback. We didn't like it but it was great.
  • UVa and Richard Morgan's 3 point barrage against UNC
  • Randolph Childress hitting 6 threes in a row vs. UNC
  • Ok, the previous three were sentimental favorites
  • Buck Williams kicking Ralph Sampson, but we forget which year
  • The Wake Forest-UNC "scoreboard" game in the 75 ACC tourney
  • The triple overtime UNC-Duke game with Capel's running jumper
  • The 17 point Duke comeback vs. UNC