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A Page Plug, Stack Props, & Rasheed Is Still Funny

Our new buddy Vamsi wrote us and asked us if we would link his Carolina
page. We took a look at it and it's pretty nice, so we're happy to link
. Although the name sounds like that guy who had a thing for Marla Maples'
shoes, it's a pretty ok site. We generally do link sites if they ask and
they're quality sites, but Mario, you bugged us about adding your site and it
hasn't been updated for this season. We'll probably take the link down soon if
it stays static.

Among other things, this page has an impressive links page for UNC

Speaking of UNC, congratulations to Jerry Stackhouse for
finishing his degree
. We hope our three early departures will finish up, but
time will tell. We're pretty sure Elton will.

This is also an apt time to mention again
one of the funniest pages in all hoopdom,
dedicated to Rasheed. It is a
static page, but the list of 100 reasons why Elevatorman loves Rasheed is still