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A Duke Scholar & A Prodigy

We were pleased to see that a Duke student, Julian Harris, has been named a
Rhodes Scholar.  According to,
here's what the other Julio has going for him:

"Julian J. Harris, Warner Robbins, is a senior at Duke University with a self-designed major in medical ethics. He is chair of Duke’s honor council and
co-organized a national conference on moral education in a diverse society. He has done National Institutes of Health field research in clinical ethics, and
volunteer work in Tanzania and Guatemala. He speaks Spanish and Swahili, and has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. Julian will read Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
at Oxford."

Ay Carumba! Congratulations Julian.

We noticed just below that an even more impressive accomplishment: Michael
S.M. Lanham, from Gravel Switch, Kentucky, who is a senior at Centre College,
has also been honored with a scholarship.  According to the information
provided,  he has  majors in mathematics and music. He has done AIDS research, directed musicals,
and is interested in the mathematical modeling of diseases. Michael, only
, plans to do a D.Phil. in Mathematics at Oxford.

Now that's impressive.