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Radio C-well

Chris Carrawell was on WXDU Sunday night and as usual had some classic
quotes. It's hard to read these and see the sense of humor and the bluntness
that make Cwell such a fun interview.

  • On the close games this year: "I'm aging quickly. I'm about
  • On being a lottery pick: "uh...hopefully."
  • On this year's team: If we were 0-7 (people would say) well
    Carrawell and Battier, those guys suck anyway."
  • On the NBA guys: Out of the group that went to the NBA, I didn't'
    talk to Corey that MUCH.
  • On his buds: Elton...they SUCK but he's doing's a
    learning process for Will.
  • On Corey's Injury (he apparently misheard part of the question): I
    dunno..Corey had some funny looking fingers. (injury)...the nba
    rewards guys who are freaks and he's definitely a freak.
  • On last year's team: Even Chris Burgess was kind of mentioned ahead
    of me...i was kind of the sixth man. I have the opportunity now to
    show people I'm a good player...I don't get enough credit, what do i have to
    do? (Joking response to comments about last year's team)
  • On Chappell: I asked him, Mike what's the problem here...maybe (you
    should have picked) Michigan
  • On his class: When I saw Nate in the MCD game i thought, oh my god,
    what did i do? Three players, it was almost like someone had to was mike, it could have been nate or myself.
  • On Maggette and the UNC hat: Well that's never know what
    he's going to do..I won't be at Duke next year but you'll never see me with
    a UNC hat...NEVER. He was a freshman...Something's not clicking up
  • On leadership: (the young guys) depend on us and it really hasn't
    been like that at duke for awhile..this year we've gotten back to that.
  • On Coach Wo: I didn't react to it that well because i played
    with him for two year...but it's been good. Wojo's always grabbing me
    after practice...i have to thank him for helping me...No Coach Wojo for
    me...if i call him that i'm playing with him.
  • The best moments in Cameron: #2 moment was DePaul...#1 was coming
    back from 17 to beat UNC...
  • The UNC matchup: I keep up, I'm a junkie.. definitely
    looking at Carolina, Va, Md...we eventually play those guys....but we have
    to wait and see...
  • On Cota: Me and Ed have a great the court...just
    a couple of comments i didn't agree with...i just wanted him to give credit
    where credit is due...but we're great friends.
  • When asked about a host's T-shirt: uh...yeah...yeah...(on the goat
    t-shirts)...i like the raise the roof t-shirt better (with Duke)
  • Question Not Heard: Definitely...I don't want to end up in the cba...(laughs)
  • On His Toughest Opponents: Steve Francis, ah, he wasn't that tough
    (laughter)...Terrell McIntyre, Matt Harpring....(Duncan?)
    no....everyone was caught up in the name...if he had gotten the ball he
    would have killed me though.