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Now About The Crazies...

We had so many thought rushing through our head last night after the game
that we probably didn't say enough about the crowd. Well how's this: you guys
were absolutely magnificent. The general comparison is to the UNC game -
by which we assume they mean the UNC game of two years ago - but we can give you
a few more benchmark games it compared to:

  • Michigan the year after defeating them in the Final Four
  • Notre Dame when Dawkins saved the game with a block
  • The Shaq game
  • UCLA
  • Tennessee with the Ernie & Bernie show (ha, curve ball!)

There's no question that you had a key part in the game. No one gets
that kind of environment in college basketball. Not the Pit, not Rupp, not Allen
Field House. The last couple of years things have been easy, and it's been
easy to be smart-assed and blase instead of passionate. Well if the level
of passion we saw last night is an example of what to expect, you guys are on
line to be one of the great years for Crazies. Keep up the great work! We're
still tingling.