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K-ville Goes High Tech!

In today's cool Sports & Technology story, the
kids at K-ville can now plug in to the web from their tent.
They tried
wireless which didn't work, and with all the changes around Cameron have
installed ethernet connections for the tents. This is way cool.  Duke says
it 's a chance for the kids to study and tent. We say it's a chance for them to
keep us up to date on what's goiing on there!  Here's
the link for K-ville f
rom Devilnet, by the way.


Also, here's a letter from the Chronicle about
line policy
from head line monitor Rob Cuthbertson (head line monitor is such
a better title than head monitor).


This Saturday, the men's basketball team will face DePaul
University at 7 p.m.

In order to accommodate individuals who wish to attend the
engineering picnic honoring Edmund Pratt, engineering '47, for
his generous donation, bracelets will be handed out from 8 to 11
a.m. One thousand two hundred bracelets will be given out for
this game. Once all students with bracelets have entered
Cameron Indoor Stadium, we will admit a walk-up line if space
permits. Again, this is a one-time deal-all other weekend games
will be walk-up only.

Please come and show your support for the basketball team and
to honor Pratt at halftime.

Rob Cuthbertson

Trinity '00

The writer is head

line monitor.