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Reader Request On UNC Game & A Note On The DBR Fan's Poll

We haven't had a chance to watch a complete UNC game yet, and every time we
watch, they are absolutely horrible, which leads us to think we should be
watching all the time. The last game, for instance, we saw the end and
there you have it. Every other time we have watched, they played great in
the half we missed, so we had a poor impression which others kept telling us was
exaggerated. So we want to ask you guys: what did you think of UNC's
performance against Michigan State? Drop us a line and let us know and if we get good responses we'll compile them and put them up.

Also, we'd like to compliment you guys on doing
a nice job in our reader's poll.
The temptation to make Duke first,
and drop UNC out altogether, would be tempting. Duke is probably higher
than they need to be at this point, but otherwise, the Top 25 here makes
as much sense as just about anywhere. Thanks for voting! Remember the next
poll closes out on Sunday night at 3 EST.