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Cool Chronicle Articles And A Minor Prank

The Chronicle had a couple of stories yesterday worth note but we were
concentrating on the ACC-Big 10/1 Challenge.  First of all, some
comments on the bonfire tradition
after the Texas A&M
tragedy.   We're not speaking for anyone, nor with any authority
whatsoever, but our impression is they are going to watch the bonfires much more
closely, which every school will for that matter, so you guys be smart and no
dancing in the middle of a big honkin' fire if you want your tradition to
continue.  Third degree burns at a party is just stupid anyway, and then you'll always be known as that moron who jumped into roaring flames. Who needs that? Get your bad reputations in more rewarding ways!

Second, here's a great article on Christian
Laettner's brilliant career and moment of legend.

Finally, here's a little campus prank: if you know William Harrison, from New
Jersey, go up to him and say "your cousin Julio is a badass." 
He's a good kid, so be nice, but it'll be funny because chances are pretty good
he doesn't follow basketball and hasn't read this page and won't know which cousin you're talking about.