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Serious News

We got word today that our good pal and friendly critic Jennifer Jordan Engel, who made the UNC trip to Hawaii, had a very serious health problem on the trip back. While there's no need to go into details, our understanding is that it was touch and go yesterday and more surgery is required. As you may remember, Jennifer lost her father earlier this year after a very difficult battle with cancer. Her family has had a very difficult year, and coming so close to the holidays, which they'll mark without Mr. Jordan for the first time, this is very harsh. If you would like to offer her some support, you can drop her a line here. The kind of things she's been through recently transcend any possible rivalry, so we hope Duke and UNC fans alike, and lots of others, will send best wishes. This address is for her sister's boyfriend. We didn't ask if we could do this, so if it's an irritant, Adam, let us know and we'll ask people not to send. Our best wishes to Jennifer in this most difficult year. We're pulling for you!