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Goofus And Gallant

a terrific article on Chris Carrawell
from Sportsline. He talks a lot about
how he has to step up this year and how last year, the bond on the team wasn't
really there. The article talks about how he is working on the freshmen,
and how the team is coming together. Chris says he's old school and he is. He's
come out of incredibly difficult circumnstances and is making a name for himself
in a big way. He talks bout playing in front of Jerry West and how it moved
him. That's the ying.

The yang? There's a brief blurb in this article about how
Corey Maggette's foot got infected: it was a pedicure!
This after he
stepped on a ball in practice and twisted his ankle. Says Doc Rivers, "They just don't make the rookies like they used
to. I thought he was kidding when he first told me about this last one. That was another new one on me."

In another bit of Duke-related news, more bad news for Avery: the
Timberwolves, tired of no one getting to the line (last in the NBA in free
throws attempted), are talking about moving Wally Szczerbiak to
guard. Already barely playing, this would push Avery further down the

You'll have to scroll down for both articles.