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Three Cool Links

Let's step off topic for a second and talk about Duke soccer. Tim Nash of
has written a wonderful
article on Duke and the growing tradition
. It's really a nice read and while
we're not big soccer fans, Nash makes a trip to Koskinen sound really tempting.

Ok, back on track. For those of you who have wondered about former Dukies
abroad, here's where
to go to get the dope
. In some ways it is outdated - still listing
Henderson, for instance, but in general it's a nice resource. For those who
might want to keep up with the CBA and players who drift through there, here's
an excellent resource.
Just as a quick glance, we see Dontae Jones,
Yinka Dare, Darrin Hancock, Jeff McInnis, Albert White, and James Cotton.
If we're not mistaken, they're all guys who left college early expecting a big
paycheck. Their gambles, so far, have failed.

We also see Alaa Abdelnaby, Jeff Capel, Rusty LaRue and Ricky
Moore. We can't tell you for certain that Ricky Moore graduated but we
hope he did. We can tell you that the other three did and when they get
tired of basketball, they're all very likely to get accepted to business school
or law school or whatever professional endeavor they decide to pursue. So
who's better off, Jeff Capel or Albert White? To us anyway the answer seems