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Pay For Play Update!

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Here's an interesting piece on Elton Brand and rookies in the NBA from Sports
The article talks about the difficult
transition to the NBA
, and Elton mentions how he misses Cameron and how he calls
Coach K from time to time. We're sure he does miss Cameron - the Bulls are
currently 1-9. Ouch.

In other pay-for-play news, Corey Maggette, who was recently seen wearing a
UNC hat and saying it wasn't a big deal since he "didn't go to Duke
anymore," has
discovered a heretofore unknown facet of the Duke curse,
as he has an
infected toe and has been put on the injured list. This article uses the
word "struggled" to describe his season thus far. Be forewarned,
Dukies! Stay out of Heels togs, lest the curse should seek you out, too.

He's not struggling nearly as much as Avery though, who is glued to the bench
in Minneapolis, and out of potentially 384 minutes has so far played but three.
Elton said he missed playing in Cameron, but William must miss playing at

In one non-Duke NBA note, Stanley Roberts just became an answer to a trivia
question, as he is the first NBA player to be booted under the new drug policy,
taking what the NBA is calling a "amphetamine-based designer drug." Crank?
Who knows. But he's history, whater he took. By the time he can
reapply, he's liable to weigh 350.