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The Sky Is Not Falling, Again

another article saying that Duke is down.
  Look, come on. Winning 37 games is almost impossible. Not being that good is entirely normal. No one has ever won 37 games two years running, and winning 30 is highly unusual. And people seem to be basing a lot on the trip to New
York, but again, come on - had Duke shot one percent better they would have
beaten Stanford.  And a lot of stats were pretty remarkable for a young
team - excellent rebounding, excellent control of the ball.  They came up
short because they didn't shoot well, they didn't penetrate well, and they had
defensive lapses - errors of youth in other words.  This is a team with a
lot of potential.  Drawing conclusions based on the Garden games is
silly.  If after Boozer is fully healthy, if at that point they're still
struggling, then it's a problem.  But now? No, it's not. It's just youth,
but the youth is good. And besides, most everyone else is pretty young, too. Looks who has left early - Bibby, Korleone Young, Al Harrington, Steve Francis - it's not like there are a lot of 22 year olds playing anymore. Or at least not the really good ones.