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A Reader Reminder!

After reading our link to the article where an Indiana writer blamed Tim
Valentine for the '92 Final Four loss IU suffered to Duke, Jim sent us this. OH, and here's the original story the writer referred to. Thanks for refreshing our memory!

Gentlemen:  at the end of the IU / Duke F4 game, IU worked the
"foul marty clark ~ bury a 3" routine to perfection to make it tight
at the end.  The fould disparity was of their own accord ~ intentionally,
and properly, fouling at the end of the game and expertly sinking key shots from
behind the arc ~ trading 3 for 2.  Fortunately the human pig (as we
affectionately refer to mr. clark) was up to the task and coolly sunk his
charity pops. this just from memory, but i believe the video tape would bear
this out.

Your site has been my home page for years now ~ thank you for all you do.
Let's go duke!