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Two Other SI Notes

Two other high points in the SI College Preview Issue to mention: first,
Steve Francis is taken to task.  After talking smack about the Bulls not
taking him first, and after alienating the entire city of Vancouver before being
traded to Houston, Francis is now talking an incredible amount of junk and has
made himself a target in a big way.  Jerry Stackhouse  is by no means
our favorite ACC product, but he's not a guy who is prone to fight a lot unless
Laettner is involved (badabing!), almost took Steve's head off.  He told SI
"[t]he kid's got a problem. Somewhere down the line someone is going to
wire his mouth shut."

The NBA - it's all about professionalism.  Too bad more people don't
realize it.

In a completely different tack,  Phil Jackson has come out powerfully
against drug testing as an absolute invasion of privacy.  He says that what
you put in your body is your own business and no one else's, and that the
Founding Father's would stand with him (he's probably right on that score)
..."because this is another form of making us toe the line or get behind
the line."

You go Phil!