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P.G. Review, Doherty's Debut, And A Challenge Game Or Two

ACC Today has a nice feature on ACC point guards.  There have probably
been better groups in the ACC - Amaker-Smith-Bogues comes to mind - but
this is a pretty good group.

In other ACC-related news, Matt Doherty, who we think is going to have a
bang-up career, started off in spectacular fashion as Notre
Dame knocked off Ohio State in the pre-season NIT.
In Tucson, Loren Woods is
kicking of his Arizona career after leaving Wake.

In another ACC-Big 10/1 link, ESPN has an article up about
the ACC-Big East Challenge
. Here's our picks

  • Wisconsin-Wake - We'll take Wake
  • Iowa-Maryland - Iowa
  • Duke-Illinois - Illini are improved, but Duke should be ready for them.
  • UVa-Minnesota - UVa
  • Michigan-Tech - a tossup, but we'll say Michigan
  • Clemson-Penn State - we'll take Clemson
  • NC State-Purdue - another tossup. Is State ready? No clue here. but it's a big chance for Herb's kids.
  • Michigan State vs. UNC - Hmmmmmm...if Cleaves were playing, we'd say no
    doubt it would be Michigan State. But he's not. UNC has looked a bit
    sluggish thus far, but they're lacking Cota, who is back. Cota vs. Cleaves
    would be way cool, but it ain't happening.  UNC is just about as
    powerful as State up front. It's a tossup. How about an unorthodox answer -
    Mateen Cleaves' absence will help Michigan State.  His game is erratic,
    and Michigan State may benefit from having a quieter - and more consistent -
    presence at point.  It's a gut feeling, but we think UNC may still pull
    it off in spite of the aforementioned theory.
  • FSU-Northwestern - hmmmmmmmmmmm....we'll pick FSU, but not by much. That
    Kevin O' Neill is a pain in the ass.