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On S.I.'s College Preview Issue

We picked up our copy of SI's College Preview today, and while the previews
are interesting, there are a couple of other things also of interest:

  1. There's a very melancholy update on Art Heyman, who was on the cover of SI
    during his college years. Art is one of very few guys in this world
    who can say they slugged Frank McGuire in the nuts. He sounds lonely
  2. SI picked their best college players of the century, and among them was
    David Thompson. There's a phenomenal picture of him (there's a great one of
    the Big O too) vs. Maryland. We don't remember who the guy is he's skying
    over, but he's probably at least 6'7". Check out how high Thompson got.
    It's hard to explain if you never saw him play.
  3. There's a piece on how assistants are expected to take the fall for head
    coaches. It's well worth reading.
  4. There's a wonderful article on Magic Johnson on the last page. You
    should definitely read that.

All things considered, it's a fine issue.