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Football Team - Stunning Performance

a performance Saturday by the Duke football team.
It's hard to imagine
how far they've come this year - from being barely able to score, to upsetting
UVa and pushing Tech to the brink, and then bouncing back from a disastrous game
at Clemson to trash Wake Forest 48-35.

Scotty Montgomery said this after the game: ''Even with the win, this is hard for
me. It's hard for me to leave the people of Durham and Duke because Duke has treated me like gold. It has been a hard time for me here at certain times, but this is the way I wanted to go out.''

Duke fans would have liked for him to go out with a bowl game, but that
wasn't meant to be. However, he has treated Duke like gold in return and
been everything anyone could have wanted. Congratulations to the football team,
and most of all to the seniors. Now on to Kenan and the annual grudge match with
the Tar Heels.