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Reader Request!

Cat asked us to pass this on to you guys, so we're happy to. Help her out!

Calling all alumni!

As a senior in the history department, I'm currently working on an honors
thesis involving my favorite topic and perhaps yours, Duke basketball. I'm
attempting to analyze the role of sports and religion on college campuses
this century, specifically, using Duke basketball as a case study. This
paper is to presented at the Pop Culture Association's annual conference in
April, and after that I'm hoping to turn it into a larger publishible work
that is something akin to the offical history of the Cameron Crazies.

make this happen, I need LOTS of help from you! Remember the wildest games?
Most creative cheers? Waiting in line for ever? Or perhaps wondering what
all the fuss was about? Tell me about it! I can use the whole range of
experiences - from the craziest of the crazy to the people who never saw a

If you or someone you know fits somewhere in or between these
categories and would be willing to be interviewed via email, please email
me at . Please include your name and graduation year.
Know an ex-Chronicle sports reporter or media type? "Baskethead" or other
"famous" crazy? Old head line monitor? Bogger? Old school (pre-1970s) fan?
Key figure or leader in Cameron or student government? Include that info
Respond now! I need YOUR help!