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Internet Hoops Poll has started an Internet college basketball poll and the first one came out today. The voters come from various ACC college basketball Web sites. Representing the DBR this week were Boswell and James. Here's how Boswell voted:

1. Connecticut

2. Michigan State

3. Temple

4. Cincinnati

5. Ohio State

6. Florida

7. Arizona

8. UNC-Chapelquiddick

9. Auburn

10. Kansas

11. Kentucky

12. Stanford

13. Utah

14. Duke

15. Syracuse

16. Purdue

17. UCLA

18. St. John's

19. Oklahoma State

20. DePaul

21. Wake Forest

22. Tennessee

23. Maryland

24. Gonzaga

25. Weber State (Says Boswell, "A sentimental favorite; kinda like Steve Spurrier voting for Duke in the preseason football poll.")

His rankings for the ACC went: North Carolina, Duke, Wake Forest, Maryland, NC State, Virginia, Georgia Tech, Florida State, and Clemson.