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Hurley Update!

Adam Ganz of the Chronicle has
a nice piece out on former Duke great Bobby Hurley
. In retrospect, his
career is hard to believe. The greatest play we ever saw in Cameron
involved Hurley, Laettner, and Brian Davis, but we might not rember who started
it. It was a Christmas game so the students seats were open.

Laettner (we think) threw a pass to Hurley, who ran it down near the
halfcourt and had to leap out of bounds to catch it. He turned in mid-air and
hit Davis for a perfect alley-oop. The entire thing took about a second.
It was breathtaking.

There have been a lot of great clutch plays in Cameron over the decades, but
we've never seen a more amazing play. The only one that rivals it was David
Thompson's block of Pete Kramer in 1974.