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A Closer Look At The Duke-Aussie Box Score

A quick spin through the box score shows some interesting stuff. 

  • First, Duke held the Bandits to 29.2%, which is pretty good - and shot
    63.6% overall themselves, and 50% from behind the line.  The Aussies
    did win the free throw battle, 73.7 %  to 66.7,% but in a traditional
    Duke strength, Duke shot more than the Aussies attempted
  • Duke had 36 assists, which is pretty high. Last season there were games
    where Duke had 12 or 14. Duke also had 12 blocks and 9 steals, which is also
    pretty good.
  • Duke outrebounded the Aussies 49-32, but the Aussies did better on the
    offensive end 10-9.   On the other hand, Duke only missed 24 shots
    and got 9 second chances.
  • Other interesting stats - Boozer shot 6-8 from the floor, 10-11 from the
    line for 22 points. He also had 7 boards.  Not a bad recovery - and not
    bad for a guy whose heart was recently questioned.
  • Battier hit 5  from behind the line. and also had 4 blocks.
  • Carrawell had 10 assists, which is more than we ever remember him
    having.  He also snagged two blocks.
  • Aside from shooting well and several stunning passes (eight assists),
    Jason Williams had another nice rebounding night, grabbing 7.  He had
    five turnovers also, unfortunately.
  • Despite appearing frustrated and making a few dumb moves, Dunleavy's stats
    were solid - 50% shooting, 5 boards, and a block. 3 turnovers though.
  • Sanders got 12 minutes, 10 points, 2 blocks, an assist, but only 1 board.
  • The only scholarship player who didn't get an assist? Battier.
  • Seven players scored in double figures
  • Andre Buckner got more rebounds than Sanders (2 to Sanders 1)
  • Nick Horvath got 4 boards, 3 assists, 2  turnovers, and a block.
  • The Aussies only had thee players score in double figures. The next
    highest had 6.
  • The Aussies have one guy 6-9, one 6-8, and one who is 6-7. Not a huge