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Jacobs On Duke's Rookies

Barry Jacobs has
a column up about Duke's freshman class.
He quotes a number of people, from
Tom Konchalski and BrickOettinger to Bob Gibbons. Almost every player gets some
serious questioning.

  • In Williams' case, he has a "low threshold for pain." Konchalski
  • Dunleavy will only be a good reserve and isn't athletic enough to be
    important. Oettinger
  • Horvath might never start. Oettinger
  • Boozer is soft inside and lacks heart. Gibbons
  • Sanders "has no clue," according to Gibbons
  • Andre Buckner is probably pegged about right

To us some of these seem off, but soon enough it will come clear. In
Dunleavy's case, you don't have to be fast if you understand the game quickly.
He's certainly no faster than Bird ever was, not that that's a fair comparison,
but you get the point. Sanders is not yet a basketball player, but
his talent is enormous. Anyway, time will tell, but some of these guru judgments seem off to us.