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Everyone Is Playing Now

Daily Tar
| Ben's Page

In Chapel Hill, in the absence of Cota, Michael
Brooker stepped up.
  The more interesting stat to us, though, is that
Joseph Forte had six assists.  Though it is hard to compare Duke's
performance with UNC's, one area you can compare is defense:
UNC let the Hawks shoot 50% 
  Duke held them to 40%,which is also
too high, but Duke has six freshmen. Here's
another link.

At Wake, Craig Dawson, who played for Wake last season with a stress
fracture, has a
titanium rod in his leg now.
  He says it helps.  He and O' Kelley
should open up the inside nicely for Wake's big guys.

In Raleigh, Caulton Tudor points out one of the downsides of the new arena -
horrible parking situation.

After playing Maryland, and being gunned
down by Drew Nicholas
, the Down Under Bandits lost
to UVa by 30.
    Jason Rogers had been a candidate for
redshirting, but that's over now, and he will play this season for the 'Hoos.

People keep telling us that this is the team Duke is going to play, but the
team on the schedule is the Down Under All Stars. Anyone know for sure?