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A Good UNC Joke

Our buddy Carl sent us this joke. It's probably about 100 years old but we
haven't heard it before. We thought we'd pass it on. Thanks Carl!

Four college basketball fans, (one from Kentucky, one from UNC, one from Duke
and one from NC State) are climbing a mountain. On the way to the top, each is
arguing about how loyal each is and what each would do for their respective

As the climb gets higher, the bragging increases. Upon reaching the top, the
Kentucky fan proves his loyalty by shouting: "This is for the
Wildcats!" and hurls himself off the top. Next, the NC State fan yells,
"This is for the Wolfpack!" and he too jumps off the top.

Suddenly, the Duke fan screams "THIS IS FOR EVERYONE!!!" and pushes
the Carolina fan off.