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Play For Pay Update!

Avery | Brand
| Ferry | Hill
| Laettner
| Lang | Langdon
| Maggette | McLeod
| Parks

Grant Hill had a
big game in the season debut, hitting for 41
.  Stackhouse hit for 26,
and Laettner started slow, but ended up with 15 points and 11 reebies.  In
Orlando, the debut was a bit more painful for Maggette's Magic. We watched Jason
Williams last night and we realized that he could have made Maggette several
million and the unquestionable first pick in the draft and a lot more money from
the nightly appearances on Sports Center receiving alley-oops. And
down in Hotlanta, Roshown was in a serious groove
, hitting for 22, including
a 50 footer.