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UNC Blue-White Results, Football Disaster

UNC had their Blue-White game yesterday, and
boy was it full of offensive fireworks.
The flipside of great
offensive production, though, is that the defense
couldn't stop the offense.
And Gut concurs, telling the N&O
that "We tried and couldn't get pressure, and we couldn't get weak-side help."
But that's typical of early season basketball. Defense almost always lags.

There is also a buzz building in Chapel Hill about Forte, which doesn't
surprise us at all. We heard this summer advance word on a few players
from Harold Katz, coach of Tamir. He raved about Forte's character and
personality and not least of all his game. He also was very high on Mike
Dunleavy and Jason Williams. So far the people who have seen these three
concur. Now the big question of course is Tamir, because he was the fourth
player Katz raved about. And for what it's worth, so, he said, did Forte.

Anyway, we just want to point out what he said about these four players -
namely that they're all superb.

In one other UNC-related note, here's a piece on Matt Doherty, who is, we're
pretty sure, starting
a brilliant career at Notre Dame.

Also In Chapel Hill, the
loss to Furman
is going to have serious consequences and may
be the catalyst for a coaching change.
Dick Baddour is
no longer firmly in his corner
. Someone will have to force him to
resign though, since UNC doesn't generally fire coaches - and certainly not
after two years. And Ron Curry insists that the coaches are doing a good
job. Interesting

Here's a joke we heard a few years ago, modified somewhat. A cop is driving
around Durham and sees a little boy crying.

"Little boy, what's wrong? Let me take you home."

"No," the little boy said, wiping his eyes. "My momma beats

"Well let me take you to your daddy, then," the cop said.

"No," the little boy said. "He beats me too."

"Well where can I take you?" the cop asked.

"Take me over to Chapel Hill," he said. "They don't beat

That's a joke we heard from a UNC friend when Duke basketball collapsed in