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Some Season Preview Links

Here's Coach K's
take on the season,
Eddie Landreth's
as well. Eddie says he's been covering Duke long enough to
know when K has a good team, so we'll take that as a good sign.

Lurking quietly, improving, is the reed-thin Casey
C-well told the Charlotte O that "He's kind of a freak. He runs up and down the court, blocking shots."

When this kid puts on some weight, and you start thinking of him on a team
with Duhon and Williams and whoever else comes, that's one seriously fast
team. The Charlotte paper says he could break all kinds of shot-block
records at Duke, and they're right. When you see Duke warm up, whenever that
might be for you, watch Sanders when he catches the ball down low. He turns,
bounces once, and Shazam! his head is parallel with the rim. Running and
jumping for him are the easiest things in the world.