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Credit Where Credit Is Due

While we have picked on the new arena in Raleigh, and the shenanigans that
went into getting it built and expanded to accommodate the Hurricanes, we do
like to give praise where praise is due. In this case it's
for the 'Canes home page
, which is very very cool. Actually it's one of the
coolest sports pages we've seen. If you have an older browser, or an
underpowered machine, though, it might not be easy to see in all it's glory.

In the same vein, the Durham paper has a special section today about the new
arena, which is really interesting, but would be more interesting if they hadn't
gotten the State mascot and the Hurricane mascot to act as guides. That was kind
of goofy. And also, note to 'Canes: advertising that Hurricane season lasts for
six months? That's a really dumb slogan. Try selling tickets east of
Raleigh with that slogan - good luck.