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Poll Skewin' Time!

A number of you have written us about the Clark Francis polls on Hoopscoops
and suggested these as fun polls to skew. We haven't done it because a) there
are a number of them and it would take a while to skew them all, and b) even
when you do vote on the older polls, the vote doesn't register. So what to skew?
After all, it is pretty much skewin' season.

Well, how about a poll on Kurt O' Neill's site? He has a pretty funny poll up
now about a guy named UK fan Blueboy
who, aside from ripping off the name of one of the leading gay men's magazines, is apparently being an annoying poster.  He's become so annoying that
even Stray Gator, who we use as a barometer of diplomacy,
is calling him pathetic.
  And certainly his response
was annoying.

Here's another post where he speaks of the
"campus brainwashing"
of Duhon, who apparently wasn't bright
enough to see whatever it was that Blueboy wanted him to. Kurt is pretty
tolerant to let this guy post as much drivel as he does, but even
his tolerance has limits.

Anyway, adolescence
is a bitch
, as all who went through it remember.

So anyway, Kurt has a list of things he could do with Blueboy including
institutionalization, flogging, ignoring, or banning.
We're going to vote for banning.
Go for it Kurt!  We'd recommend
everyone else do so, too, but if you think the guy is loony tunes, by all means,
vote your conscience.

Banning was at 5% when we looked. Vote early, vote often, and let's get it on up there!