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A Reader Asks For Help!

We got this note from a reader who is interested in moving to the Triangle.
We thought we'd pass it on to you guys and let you advise her. Good luck

Dear Boswell and Julio,

I have been a loyal reader of your site for 3 and 1/2 years now,
and an even more loyal Duke fan for about 10. Needless to say, I think
your site is terrific and I read it at least once a day. I am hoping you
or your readers can help me out.

I will be graduating from Bradley University in Peoria, IL this
May with a degree in elementary education. I hope to move to North
Carolina, particularly the Raleigh/Durham area, after graduation, and am
looking to work as an elementary school teacher in the area.

However, other than knowing that I want to live in the general
"triangle", I know very little about the area. You and your readers
seemed like a great resource. If you could offer me advice about some
nice places to live, (safe, relatively affordable, friendly, young),
what the "best" school districts are, etc. I would really appreciate it.

Moving to the area is a long-held dream of mine, but I'm pretty
much in the dark about it. Any help you all could give me would be
greatly appreciated. I hope to meet you and your readers when I get
there. I'm long overdue to watch games with other fans! Thanks for any
help you can give me.

Jana Solomon