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Duke Player On Prez TV?

We got this note from Ryan, and it's a great question. According to The Two Dukies it was Juwann Howard in a bit of wishful thinking!

Congratulations on a great site.  I am currently a senior and a proud
Cameronite, but I wasn't much of a basketball fan when I was a kid. Tonight, at
the beginning of West Wing, President Martin Sheen
[can't this guy do anything but play Presidents and get arrested? DBR]
an overly competitive basketball player, brought in an experienced 6'8"
ringer.  He looked VERY familiar.  When he was pressed, he confessed
that he had some organized basketball experience.  They asked where he had
played, and he responded "Duke."  The other players then said,
"I know this guy.  He's played in Final Fours."  Later they
said that he was a 2 time ACC player of the week.  I think I recognized him
from some of the early 90's teams, but as I said, I wasn't much of a basketball
fan then.

Have you heard anything about this, or do you know who it was?