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Wojo & NBAers Update

A.J. Carr has an article on one of the
key factors for Duke
this season: how does Wojo adjust to being coach, and
how do the player adjust to his being on the bench? Well it touches on it
anyway. Pretty thin article actually.

In Chicago,
Elton ran into the Kings,
sans Webber, and shot 3-8, but grabbed 11 boards.
In Cleveland, Trajan's assistant coach, Larry Nance, who will be working with
Ferry more actually, is trying to decide whether he wants to die
strapped into a Hot Rod (NHRA),
or take his chances on one of the many
flights he'll have as an assistant. Choose your poison, Larry!

In Orlando, Corey got six points and seven boards in 19 minutes, but dunked a
rebound and hung
on the rim and so got T'd up
. Old habits die hard.

In Minnesota, Avery
got 27 minutes,
shot 2-9, including 5 treys, had two assists, four fouls,
and one turnover. That's the good news. The bad news is Terrell Brandon
didn't play, meaning Avery was, well, thrown to the Wolves. Top amongst
NBA teammates we'd least like to have is Anthony Peeler, who had almost
identical stats.